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German Shepherd Dog- Deutscher Schäferhund

Origin: Germany.
Date of publication of the original standard: 23.03.1991.
Utilization: Versatile Utility, Herding, Guard and Service Dog.
FCI standard no.: 166/23.03.1991
Classification FCI: Group I
	- Sheepdogs and Cattle dogs 
	    (except Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs).
	- Section 1, Sheepdogs.

Brief historical summary:
According to the official resolution, the Association for German Shepherd Dogs (Verein fur Deutsche Schaeferhunde) with seat in Augsburg, as a member of the German Kennel Club (Verband fur das Deutsche Hundewesen e.V,VDH). and as the founding association of the breed, is responsible for the Standard of the German Shepherd Dog.This standard was originally drawn up at the first membership meeting of the Association in Frankfurt/Maine on 20th September 1899, based on the proposals made by A. Meyer and Von Stephanitz. Amendments were made to the standard during the 6th membership meeting on 28th July 1901, during the 23rd Meeting in Cologne/ Rhine on the 17th September 1909, at the Board of Directors and Advisory Committee in Wiesbaden, Germany, on the 5th September, 1930, and at Board of Directors and the Breed Committee meeting on the 25th March 1961.

The standard was revised and adopted by the World Union of German Shepherd Dogs (Weltunion fur Deutsche Schaferhunde, WUSV on the 30th August 1976 and reviewed and catalogued following a resolution of the Board of Directors and Advisory Committee o the 23rd and 24th March 1991.

General apperance:
The German Shepherd Dog is of medium size, slightly elongated, strong and well muscled, with dry bone and of firm overall structure.

Behavior / Temperament:
The German Shepherd Dog must be even tempered, well balanced (with strong nerves), self assured, totally at ease (except when provoked), and good natured, as well as attentive and easy to train. He must poccess courage, combativity and toughness, in order to be suitable as companion, Guard, Service, herding dog and "Schutzhund".

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